About the recording: "Beautiful Soup" was recorded in the Spring of 2002 at Skywalker Sound and various northern California locations. The CD comes with a 12-page booklet containing photos and lyrics with translations.

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Song Title

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1. Danny Boy (Irish folk song) Hi-fi Lo-fi
2. Trade Winds (Frederick Keel) Hi-fi Lo-fi
3. Bonny at Morn (Northumbrian folk song, arr. Jacobs)    
4. Wiegenlied (W. A. Mozart/ Bernhard Flies) Hi-fi  
5. Caro Mio Ben (Giuseppe Giordani)  Hi-fi Lo-fi
6. Ave Maria (J. S. Bach/Gounod) Hi-fi  
7. Loch Lomond (Scottish folk song) Hi-fi Lo-fi
8. Round-shouldered Man (Lucy Simon) from "The Secret Garden" Hi-fi Lo-fi
9. Heidenroslein (Franz Schubert) Hi-fi Lo-fi
10. O For the Wings of a Dove (Felix Mendelssohn) Hi-fi  
11. Bist Du Bei Mir (J. S. Bach/Stoltzel)    
12. Ma Navu (J. Spivak) Hi-fi Lo-fi
13. Where Is Love? (Lionel Bart), from "Oliver" Hi-fi Lo-fii
14. Ave Verum Corpus (W. A. Mozart) Hi-fi Lo-fii
15. The Salley Gardens (Irish folk song, arr. Britten) Hi-fi Lo-fi
16. The Gentle Maiden (Irish folk song, arr. Somervell)     
17. Long Time Ago (English folk song, arr Copland)     
18. Beautiful Soup (F. W. Wadely) Hi-fi Lo-fi






"...who would not give all else for two penny's worth of beautiful soup?"

       ---- from Alice in Wonderland, as "sung" by the Mock Turtle.

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